E-Assessment with Calibrand Test

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Calibrand Test is a powerful Internet or Intranet-based system that enables organisations to objectively test the capabilities, skills and knowledge of their workforce. It is used in a range of important business activities including certification, citizenship, licensing, compliance testing, continuing professional development and lifelong learning.

What is Calibrand Test's role within the Employment Cycle?

Calibrand Test plays an important role in the Employment Cycle, particularly for:

What can Calibrand Test help me achieve?

For you Calibrand's system will:

For the candidates, Calibrand's system:


Test Validation

Calibrand Test incorporates a wide range of features and functionality to give administrators and managers control and flexibility over the development and marking of tests.

Calibrand Test produces statistics to aid administrators in managing the appropriateness of content and validating the quality of the test. Statistics reported on include:

Statistics are calculated and reported on over a time-period enabling performance monitoring of content and assessments.

Content & Assessment Management

Administrators decide:

Content protocols
How the content is prepared and loaded; approved and reviewed; and linked to learning materials
Assessment construction
The areas of assessment, number of items, golden areas, randomisation, time-limits and warnings
Assessment delivery
How the test is produced: Online, offline via paper or download, or a mixture of options
Re-sit strategies
Number of re-sits available; enforcing time delays before a re-sit; and unit or whole assessment re-sits

User Management

The level of user detail held within the application is controlled and managed by the organisation. Where pre-existing user data is in electronic format, simplified data links and feeds are used; alternatively, Calibrand Test provides a comprehensive user administration module.

Multi-dimensional levels for user roles and options are in place to ensure security of data, assessment process and results.

Performance Feedback and Management Reporting

Calibrand Test provides feedback for both candidates and the organisation. Different styles and levels of detail may be applied to the feedback for both and for different assessments, such as:

Timing for delivery of feedback is controlled by the administrator on a test-by-test basis.

More information

If you would like further information on Calibrand Test, or the other core modules or services available, or to arrange an initial exploratory meeting, please contact us.