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E-Portfolio is a powerful application that allows you to track the progress of candidates at all stages within their training programme, providing each candidate with a central, personal collection of achievements. Candidates, assessors, and managers can access the e-portfolio system through secure measures, at any Internet point, at anytime.

What is e-portfolio's role within the Employment Cycle?

Calibrand e-Portfolio plays a key role throughout the Employment Cycle, and in particular in recording activities and outcomes from training & development, guiding users through a range of different appraisal types, matching pre-defined objectives with achievements and feeding into talent planning and skills gap analysis tools.

What can Calibrand e-Portfolio help me achieve?

For you Calibrand's system is:

For the candidates, Calibrand's system:


Plans & Tasks

The initial gateway allows system users to create and plan the training programme, using either ad hoc requirements or accessing pre-defined standards and qualifications from the application's Library module. During the programme the plan may be updated, reviewed, and revised depending on the user's role and access rights.

e-Portfolio Management

An easy to use interface enables the users (candidates or assessors) to record activities against their plans and upload supporting evidence, ready for assessment and verification. Evidence may be in a variety of formats, usually:

Assessment Tools

A variety of assessment tools are available within the application, some of which are controlled as 'online' assessments, while others may be managed offline with results recorded via the portfolio manager and then 'marked/graded' by an assessor.

Assessments types include:

Assessors evaluate the portfolio of evidence and appropriately accept, request more or reject evidence.

Workflow & Messages

The system monitors activities and actions taken by users and handles key workflow tasks through the portfolio assessment process.

An example of the messages available include:

In addition to the above core modules, Calibrand e-Portfolio provides access to or holds key management tools and information such as:

More information

If you would like further information on Calibrand e-Portfolio, or the other core modules or services available, or to arrange an initial exploratory meeting, please contact us.