Calibrand, the currency for talent®, specialises in providing e-assessment solutions that assess, monitor, measure, benchmark, track and test people during periods of employment and training.

Founded in January 1991, Calibrand provides software applications and services to organisations in a range of market sectors. We give our clients a recognised standard for realising the true value of their workforce, the currency that enables business talent to be valued, measured, and exchanged. Read More

E-Assessment Anytime, Anywhere

As our ethos suggests, our software can be accessed in multiple ways, for example: online, offline, paper scanning, and on mobile devices; with all content held centrally to eliminate duplication and data error, and to provide holistic management information.

Our flagship e-assessment solution, has been used and proven in high stakes environments including the banking sector and government schemes since 1993. It is a powerful Internet or Intranet-based system that enables organisations to objectively test the capabilities, skills and knowledge of their workforce. Find out more

A screenshot of Calibrand Test, our flagship e-assessment solution.