Our Vision

People are the dominant asset for all organisations. This is particularly true for organisations that depend on the knowledge and creativity of their workforce and the ability of their people to apply that . Increasingly, successful organisations are those that are effective in measuring and enhancing the value of their human capital: that is, the skills, competence, and talent of the people their organisation relies upon.

Our name, Calibrand, communicates our ideals of measuring – or 'calibrating' – the talent or calibre of people with recognised and authoritative methods of evaluation, the "currency for talent".

Our Mission

Is to provide our customers with eAssessment solutions that add tangible benefits to their organisation. Calibrand achieves this through profitable and mutually beneficial relationships with all of our interested parties.

Strategically, Calibrand believes it can best achieve its stated purpose through developing end-to-end solutions for its customers from content management to results analysis.

Calibrand the currency for talent®

The value of an organisation lies in its knowledge base, including: markets, customers, products, and the legislative and regulatory background. The growth of regulation, increasing technological sophistication of the modern economy, rapid changes in the external environments in which organisations operate, and increasing expectations of employees and individuals about fair treatment by organisations, point to: